Wooden Rail Fences

Wooden rail fences are very beautiful and long lasting, if properly built from good quality material.  They are truly the test of a wood craftsman’s skill.  They can be built from a variety of materials with Texas Hill Country Cedar, Northern Split Cedar and treated Pine lumber being the most common to this region of Texas.

The Texas Hill Country Cedar

The Texas Hill Country Cedar Rail Fences can be assembled from natural Cedar posts and rails, by leaving the bark on the exterior of the wood or a pressure washer treatment can remove the external bark to expose the beautiful hardwood exterior. Since we have our own sawmill, we can also mill our own posts and rails to specific sizes, from the native Texas Hill County Cedar.  Attaching the posts and rails together can be done by using metal lag bolts or carriage bolts.  We can also do it the old-fashioned way by notching the post and driving a metal pin through the rail to attach it to the post.

Northern Split Cedar Rail Fences

Northern Split Cedar Rail Fences are generally prefabricated posts and rails that can be acquired from local sources, also.  They can be prefabricated to be a two rail or three rail fences with a maximum height of about 4 feet tall.  These fences do not require any type of hardware to assemble as the vertical posts are pre-drilled for the horizontal rails to fit into.

The treated Pine Rail Fence material can also be acquired at local sources.  Vertical posts can be round or square of which we recommend either a 5” diameter round post or a 4”x4” square post as the minimum requirements.  Larger posts are recommended for taller fences, for fences with a wire fabric attached and at all gate and corner locations.  We typically use a 1”x6” or 2”x6” horizontal treated Pine rail for these fences, but other sizes can be used, if necessary.  The rails are fastened with galvanized, ring shanked nails or coated deck screws.  A variety of different types of wire fabric or galvanized welded wire panel can be incorporated into any of these fences.  Most of the wood surfaces can be painted or treated with a wood preservative type stain.

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