Pipe/T-Post Ranch Fences

T-post Fences

T-post fences are a versatile and cost-effective solution for enclosing property, gardens, and livestock. They are made from galvanized steel, which makes them durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. T-post fences are easy to maintain, making them a great option professional installations. They are also lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them perfect for large or remote areas where a traditional fence might be difficult to install. They can be used to define property lines, enclose gardens, or create a barrier for livestock.

T-post fences are also a great option for our hill country areas that are prone to high winds, as they are strong and sturdy, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. With their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, T-post fences are a great choice for any property.

The Pipe and T-Post Ranch fence is synonymous with cattle fences, hog fencing, and game/proof fencing. It also serves it purpose in many back yard or small acreage situations. The use of new or used steel tubing with netting wire, barbed/smooth wire, or a combination of both can be built in multiple heights from 36” to 102”.

Pipe Posts

Pipe “braces” and “line” posts can be built with new bare steel, painted, or galvanized. We prefer to use new clean materials so the primer and paint will adhere properly. Typical “drill stem” or oil field pipe does not hold up well to being painted from the harsh conditions it was used in previously but can be used if the customer so chooses. The key to long lasting Pipe & T-post ranch fences is using quality materials and construction of the braces.

Proper installation of the brace posts consists of digging the hole and setting the post deep enough to withstand tension form the fence wire. In rocky soils, depending on conditions, posts should be 30” to 36” deep in the ground and in easy digging areas, depending on the type of soil, the posts should be set a minimum of 4’ deep and up to 6’, if possible (game proof). Posts can be set in concrete or driven in with proper equipment.

Netting wire can vary from supplier, but we always recommend a High Tensile, Class III galvanized, Fixed Knot wire. Sta-tuff Fence Manufacturing Inc. is the main supplier of wire to Fences of Texas.

  • Cattle Fence
  • Horse Fence
  • Hog Fence
  • Dog/pet Fence
  • Pool Fence
  • Game/exotic Fence
  • Security Fence

Regardless of which type of netting you choose you have an option to incorporate metal T-posts into the post spacing. These metal T-posts are not a rigid as a pipe post but offer adequate stability to support the fence wire at a reduced cost than additional pipe posts. The material cost and installation of the metal T-post can provide substantial savings on large projects.

Building high-quality all-purpose ranch fences is our specialty. Fences built all the way back to 1984 are still standing and in good condition today. We are lucky to have very skilled and experienced fence builders in all of our crews. Some of them have been working exclusively with our company for over 35 years. We are truly dedicated to our craft and confident that we can provide the best product available.

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